Meet the illustrator: Nicola Slater

Born in the windy north of England to a family of cartoonists and painters, it’s no surprise that Nicola Slater has become a leading children’s book illustrator. Her status as a popcorn aficionado is another gift, but one with more uncertain origins.

Influenced by the likes of Charles Schulz, Mary Blair and The Muppet Show, Nicola was extremely excited to collaborate with Stuart Heritage on their new book Jonathan the Magic Pony. We caught up with her to talk about her favourite children’s book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the magic trick she’d most like to learn.

  • Jonathan the Magic Pony

  • Jonathan the Magic Pony is a BRILLIANT magician. With one wave of his wand, he can make anything disappear. And then come back again. It's fool-proof. Failsafe. Always works.

    Except... when Jonathan magics away Sarah's bear, it doesn't come back! And every wave of his wand causes even more chaos, with:

    Sharks chasing ducks
    Baboons with giant wooden spoons
    Chimpanzees covered in fleas

    But Sarah's bear is nowhere to be seen!

    Will it ever come back? And will Jonathan ever be a real magician?

    This is the perfect magical story for fans of Grumpycorn and Supertato.

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