9 Puffin girl bosses who are the ultimate role models

They’re strong, sassy, brave and talented. They’re superheroines, detective-extraordinaires and roller girls. These girls are inspirational role models and pack a punch, sometimes - quite literally!

Puffin team

Wonder Woman from DC Super Hero Girls

She’s got super strength, super athleticism, a magic lasso, she can fly AND she’s very nearly invincible - Wonder Woman pretty much bosses life. A courageous, competent and competitive leader, even the other superheroes look up to her. Plus, she’s got a strong outfit; it comes complete with a high-tech shield and bullet-deflecting bracelets. Try getting something past this gal – she’s a serious superheroine.

Wonder Woman

Hazel and Daisy from the Murder Most Unladylike series

Best friends Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells are intrepid investigators of Wells & Wong Detective Society. Solving murders and other mischievous mysteries at Deepdean School for Girls, they’re the high school equivalent of Sherlock and Watson. But even better, they’re girls! Highly popular Daisy is a force to be reckoned with and intelligent and plucky Hazel is a most brilliant detective. They’re the perfect pair of super-sleuthing BFFs.

Hazel and Daisy from Murder Most Unladylike

Tiffany Aching from The Wee Free Men

Nine-year-old Tiffany Aching is smart, practical, level-headed and brave. And she always carries a piece of string. Tiffany’s the kind of girl who reads dictionaries from start to finish and gets a little edgy when people use the wrong words. She’s also strong and daring enough to go on a fearless adventure to find her missing brother and take on the Queen of Fairies - armed only with a frying pan! 

Tiffany Aching from The Wee Free Men

Mabel Jones from The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones series

Have you ever picked your nose and eaten it? Have you ever picked your nose, eaten it and in doing so, opened a portal to a world run by PIRATES? Thought not. But Mabel Jones has because that’s the sort of girl boss she is. Brave, strong, resourceful and full of energy, Mabel is exactly the girl you’d want to go sailing on the high seas with.

Mabel Jones from The Adventures of Mabel Jones

Sophie from The Young Magicians and The Thieves’ Almanac

Young magician and hypnotist extraordinaire, Sophie Yang can name all the lakes in England’s Lake District in ANY order. And if that doesn’t wow you, she also once convinced her Brown Owl that all the other Brownies were jellyfish. She’s a northern girl with shaved hair at the sides, who’s staggeringly brilliant at a branch of magic known as ‘mentalism’ and isn’t afraid to out-boss any of the other young magicians!

Sophie from The Young Magicians and The Thieves’ Almanac

Jo March from Little Women

Second eldest sister Jo stands out amongst the four March sisters, she’s a dreamer and a writer. Happiest in her woodside hideout or holed up in the attic writing, she loves nothing more than to invent stories fueled by her wild imagination. Bold, outspoken and daring, Jo is a very modern young woman in the nineteenth-century world.

Jo from Little Women

Anne from Anne of Green Gables

Bright, talkative, forthright and with a BIG imagination, 11-year-old Anne (with an e!) Shirley is just the right sort of orphan to have been taken in by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert at Green Gables. She’s fiery with an eye for observation and infectious positivity, Anne helps Marilla and Matthew see the world from a different perspective and injects some welcomed spark into country life on the farm.

Anne from Anne Of Green Gables

Astrid from Roller Girl

Astrid is strong, tough and an all-round awesome girl. But taking up roller derby is HARD, and Astrid struggles to stay on her skates in camp. Astrid's perseverance and grit start to pay off though - she’s brave enough to handle new friendships, start new hobbies and find her own way in the world. And she looks pretty darn cool in those skates, too. 

Astrid from Roller Girl

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