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Make your own butterfly-inspired mobile

Butterflies come in lots of shapes and colours. Did you know that there are over 180,000 different kinds in the world? They can be found in gardens, local parks,  window boxes, and now anywhere in your home with this fun craft!

Ladybird team

Here’s our guide to crafting your own butterfly mobile, inspired by the amazing creatures in Ben Rothery's Sensational Butterflies.

sensational butterflies activity

You will need:

-  Pencils

-  Coloured card

-  Scissors (always ensure only grownups use scissors)

-  Colouring pens

-  Sticky tape

-  A piece of string 

How to make it:

1. Using your pencil draw lots of different butterflies onto your coloured card – these can be any size. Remember to give each butterfly two antennae and a small head.

sensational butterflies activity

2. Using your scissors, carefully cut out each butterfly. 

sensational butterflies activity

3. When you’ve cut these out, colour in the wings with any pattern you like. To get them looking just like a real butterfly’s wings, make sure the two sides are matching.

sensational butterflies activity

4. When you’ve coloured in all of your butterflies, use your sticky tape to carefully stick these to your piece of string, leaving space in-between each one. You can make your string as long or as short as you like!

sensational butterflies activity

5. When you’ve stuck all of your butterflies to your string, hang your butterfly mobile up and enjoy your sensational-looking butterflies! 

sensational butterflies activity

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