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Make your own Funnybones Halloween game

Make your own Mr Funnybones and then play a game of pin the hat, heart, bow tie, and flower on him with friends!

Suzie Attaway
A photo of a cut out Funnybones character on a piece of black paper on top of a wooden table
© Suzie Attaway

You will need:

A photo of the materials needed for this craft including, black and white paper, cut out stencils of a Funnybones character and props, colouring pencils, scissors and glue
© Suzie Attaway

•  Mr Funnybones and props templates

•  A4 white paper

  A3 black paper

•  Scissors


•  Coloured pencils

•  Blindfold

•  Blue tack

Download templates:

How to make:

1. First, download the templates and print them on two sheets of A4 white paper. Then cut out the different bones with scissors.

A photo of the stencil of Mr Funnybones on a white piece of papar next to a pair of scissors
© Suzie Attaway

2. Next, arrange the bones on the table. Whilst you're doing this, you can talk to your child about the different parts of the skeleton!

A photo of the stencil pieces of Mr Funnybones spread out on table next to a pair of scissors
© Suzie Attaway

3. Now, take the A3 sheet of black paper, and starting with the skull, glue each part of the skeleton in place.

A photo of the stencil pieces of Mr Funnybones being glued onto a black piece of A3 paper
© Suzie Attaway

4. Next, take the sheet of printed props and colour them in with pencils.

A photo of the prop stencils being coloured in with a selection of colouring pencils
© Suzie Attaway

5. Then, neatly cut out each object, and stick a small blob of blue tack to the back of each of them.

A photo of the coloured in prop stencils being cut out with a pair of scissors
© Suzie Attaway

6. Now for the game – blindfold each player and give them each a prop. Now, take it in turns to pin on Mr Funnybones. The closest to where the prop should sit wins!

A photo of the completed Mr Funnybones stencil stuck onto a piece of black paper with the prop stencils next to it
© Suzie Attaway

Huge thanks to Suzie Attaway for putting together this crafting activity! For more fun crafts and styling, check out Suzie's Instagram @craftpropstylist

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