Introducing Stuff, the brand-new book from BAFTA award-winning presenter Maddie Moate

A beautifully illustrated collection of extraordinarily insightful and educational stories about stuff!

An image of the book cover of Maddie Moate's new kids book Stuff and in the background is a beach, river, sky of stars and some trees and greenery

Presenter, YouTuber, and podcaster Maddie Moate is releasing her debut children’s book, Stuff this October. This exciting picture book has been illustrated by Paul Boston and is filled with mind-boggling facts about the stuff you use every day, how these items are made, and how they are used and reused.

The book

Inspired by her own curiosity about the wonders of the world, this book is bursting with incredible facts and insightful stories based on the remarkable ways people around the world, through history and even today, use and reuse ‘stuff’ around them. You'll learn fascinating facts, such as how to turn elephant poo into paper and how seaweed can be made into plastic.

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The author

Maddie Moate is a BAFTA-winning presenter and YouTuber, passionate about curiosity and inspiring children with the wonders of the world. She is the host of the BAFTA-nominated TV series Maddie’s Do You Know?, Sony Music’s podcast Maddie’s Sound Explorers, and she presented BBC Earth’s Earth Unplugged. Maddie’s YouTube channel is full of fun, family-focused science videos that have taken her on curious trips around the world. Her channel is also home to the wildly popular series Let’s Go Live with Maddie and Greg, a live family science show which has helped countless families with home-schooling since lockdown began in 2020.

The illustrator

Paul Boston grew up in the English countryside and spent much of his time heading off into the fields and woods, exploring and drawing pictures of all the wildlife he found. Now, from his country hideaway in South Wales, Paul keeps himself busy illustrating books for younger people on subjects including, inventions, airplanes, trains, string, and anything else you care to think of. Paul isn’t as well travelled as Maddie but he has watched Maori people cooking hangi food in the hot springs of New Zealand and spent time among the elephants in Thailand. He would love to try making paper out of elephant poo, but there aren’t many elephants in Wales.

Stuff by Maddie Moate and Paul Boston will be released on 21 October 2021.

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