Curious Everyday STUFF That Helps Our Planet


This is the first children's book from CBBC presenter Maddie Moate: a collection of extraordinary stories about STUFF.

Do you ever wonder where your stuff comes from, and what happens to it when you're finished with it? Did you know that you can make paper out of elephant poo? And plastic packaging out of seaweed? And did you know that if you throw away an old T-shirt, it can take 200 years to break down?

Written and researched by Maddie Moate, the star of CBBC's Do You Know? and Let's Go Live with Maddie and Greg, and illustrated by Paul Boston, this book is full of mind-bursting facts and extraordinary stories of the ingenious ways people around the world, and across history, have made, used and re-used the stuff around them.


  • Stuff is yet another example of Moate's professional curiosity. It's a bright, fun children's book that leads the reader around the world . . .
    Stuart Heritage, The Guardian

About the authors

Maddie Moate

Maddie Moate is a BAFTA winning presenter and YouTuber, passionate about curiosity and inspiring children with the wonders of the world. She is the host of the BAFTA nominated TV series "Maddie's Do You Know?", Sony Music's podcast "Maddie's Sound Explorers" and presented BBC Earth's "Earth Unplugged". Maddie's YouTube channel is full of fun, family-focused science videos that have taken her on curious adventures around the world. Her channel is also home to the wildly popular series "Let's Go Live with Maddie and Greg", a live family science show which has helped countless families with homeschooling since lockdown began in 2020.
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Paul Boston (Illustrator)

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