Jeff Kinney announces new Wimpy Kid book from Rowley’s point of view!

Look out Wimpy Kid fans, there’s a brand new book coming this April from Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney!

Greg Heffley has been chronicling his middle school years in 13 Diary of a Wimpy Kid journals … and counting. Now it's time for readers to hear from Greg's trusty best friend, Rowley Jefferson, in a journal of his own.

In Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, Rowley agrees to take on the role of biographer, recording his pal's life story because one day ‘Greg is going to be rich and famous and he says everyone will want to know his whole life's story, so they can make movies about him and stuff.’

But it turns out Rowley is a poor choice for the job, and his ‘biography’ of Greg says more about himself than it does about his best friend.

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid is a new way to look at the Wimpy world – one fans won't want to miss!

The opening of Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid will originally be published as a World Book Day 2019 book called Diary of Greg Heffley’s Best Friend, which is out on 28th February and can be redeemed using a £1 World Book Day token.

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid, publishing 9th April, will contain and expand on the story and characters from the World Book Day book, allowing readers to see even more of the Wimpy Kid world through Rowley’s eyes.

Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid is available to pre-order from the following shops: Amazon | WHSmith | Eason | Waterstones

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