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Download these My Daddies! colouring sheets

Colour in the Daddies from My Daddies! as they venture into a land of roaring dinosaurs; battle as courageous knights; bounce around on the moon, and take a trip in a hot air balloon.

Puffin team
Illustration from My Daddies by Gareth Peter and Garry Parsons

You will need:

•  A printer

•  A4 paper

•  Crayons, colouring pencils or pens

Colouring sheets:

A note from illustrator Garry Parsons

I loved drawing and colouring when I was a boy so I’ve made some colouring sheets for you to download, print and colour in yourself. You can add some of your own aliens to the craters on the moon or draw your own roaring dinosaur in the swamp or you might like to add your own family into the photo album. Don’t forget to include your grandparents, your pets and of course yourself! Or you can simply enjoy colouring them in. Ask an adult to share your creations with us via Twitter, we would love to see them! @ICanDrawDinos @PuffinBooks

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