Puffin Podcast: Episode 2, Animals

In our second episode of the Puffin Podcast, join Humza Arshad and the gang as they explore the curious world of animals. It’s packed with ridiculous facts, unbelievable stories and the silliest jokes!

Puffin team
The Puffin Podcast Episode 2

Humza, Ausra, Theo and Ayisha head into the animal kingdom to ask – 'can elephants jump?' 'Are birds dinosaurs?'

They laugh their way around the best animal impressions and facts, plus Humza challenges the gang to work out if his tiger at the zoo story is true or false and the Story Generator game ends in a roarsome result!

Plus, hear the silliest animal jokes and facts and storytime in Sam Copeland's Charlie Morphs into a Mammoth.

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