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4 things you didn’t know about classic Puffin children’s books

There are some things about Puffin’s classic children’s books that everyone knows, like who Miss Trunchbull is and what a robin leads Mary Lennox to discover behind a locked door...

Yet, there’s always something new to discover about these famous children’s stories that stand the test of time, such as facts about their authors and what it was that sparked their imaginations.

So, whether you’re reading these to your children at bedtime or just getting nostalgic about your favourite childhood Puffin books, here are four facts that show there’s more to these books than what’s written on their pages.

1. The library Matilda goes to in the Roald Dahl classic was inspired by the Great Missenden Library

2. Frances Hodgson Burnett found a secret garden herself in Great Maytham Hall, Kent

3. You can visit the place where Anne of Green Gables is set

4. Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women in under three months in her home at Orchard House

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