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Where to start with Raymond Briggs’s books

If you're looking for a comprehensive introduction to the wonderful works of Raymond Briggs, you've come to the right place.

Natasha Collie
A photo of a selection of Raymond Briggs' books on a bookshelf alongside painting tools

He may be best known as the creator of the iconic and beloved Father Christmas and The Snowman, but Raymond Briggs was a prolific artist and author whose imagination brought us so many stories full of warmth and wit – stories that celebrate the beauty of ordinary lives, the magic of childhood curiosity and the joy of a good cup of tea. 

“My favourite magical moment in a Raymond Briggs book is in The Snowman, when the boy and his new friend fly across Brighton’s Royal Pavilion.  As the adventure gathers pace and the snowman and the boy take flight, the illustrations burst out of their smaller frames culminating in this epic scene which is given a double page spread. It’s an incredible landscape scene with the iconic Pavilion luminous and lit from within and the boy and his Snowman have become tiny dots, flying high in the sky.”

Jen, Brand PR & Communications

“I have always loved Raymond’s grumpy Father Christmas, and I loved him even more when I discovered he was partly based on Raymond’s own father, a milkman who also worked the gruelling early-morning shift. In fact, Raymond drew his father into the book – he crosses paths with Father Christmas as he comes to the end of his round and says ‘Still at it, mate?’ As a cameo it is touching, charming and totally un-sentimental.”

Anna, Editorial

“My brother and I LOVED Raymond Briggs’s Father Christmas when we were little because he’s so grumpy! The image of Father Christmas sitting on the toilet and saying he hates winter is perfection.”

Jasmine, Publicity

“I loved The Bear as a child and still revisit it often: it has one of my favourite father-daughter relationships of any picture book, a magical snowy landscape, a gorgeous milky polar bear, and a touching nod to the sometimes-fleeting-ness of friendships.”

Tash, Brand Marketing

“I have such strong memories of my Mum reading me The Elephant and the Bad Baby and I was captured by Raymond’s illustrations getting more elaborate and silly as the story went on. I can particularly remember loving all the details of the sweet shop illustration filled with Turkish delight, hard-boiled sweets and lollipops!”

Monica, Design

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