The Penguin Quiz skill for Amazon Alexa

Test your knowledge about some of the best books ever written with The Penguin Quiz, a quick but tricky literary challenge available as a free skill for Amazon’s Alexa voice service.

An Amazon Echo Dot

There are 100 multiple-choice questions in total, but each game comprises just 5 of these questions, and takes around 3 minutes. You’ll also be sent a Reading List of the books mentioned in the questions to your Alexa app.

Do you know the colour of Dorothy’s magical slippers in L. Frank Baum’s original story? How about the name of the tavern where Jim Hawkins first met Long John Silver, or the character described by Jane Austen as “the only plain one in the family”?

Find out if you're right by enabling the skill and saying "Alexa, open The Penguin Quiz" to get started.

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