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The News Quiz: Through the Years
  • The News Quiz: Through the Years

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    A finely matured selection of episodes from the long-running topical Radio 4 panel show, chaired by Barry Norman, Barry Took, Simon Hoggart, Sandi Toksvig and Miles Jupp.

    These fourteen archive editions, all published for the first time, span the decades from 1978 to 2017 and recall the headline-grabbing issues, incidents and individuals of yesteryear.

    Joining regular panellists Alan Coren, Richard Ingrams, Francis Wheen, Jeremy Hardy and Andy Hamilton are a plethora of guest players including Clive James, Angela Rippon, Jeffrey Archer, Peter Cook, Clive Anderson, Ian Hislop, Kate Adie, John Sergeant, Jack Dee, Mark Steel, Phill Jupitus, Sarah Millican, Sarah Kendall, Lucy Porter and many more. A special Tribute to Alan Coren is included.

    Also making appearances on the panel are future News Quiz chairs Sandi Toskvig and Miles Jupp, and none other than the future Prime Minister of the United Kingdom - at that time editor of The Spectator - Boris Johnson.

    Hold the front page!

    22/07/1978 chaired by Barry Norman with Alan Coren, Peter Hillmore, Clive James, Angela Rippon

    28/06/1986 chaired by Barry Took with Alan Coren, Julian Critchley, Angela Gordon, Richard Ingrams

    28/03/1987 chaired by Barry Took with Jeffrey Archer, Alan Coren, Richard Ingrams, John Wells

    11/11/1989 chaired by Barry Took with Clive Anderson, Peter Cook, Richard Ingrams, Donald MacCormick

    30/06/1990 chaired by Barry Took with Kate Adie, Alan Coren, Ian Hislop, Richard Ingrams

    24/10/1992 chaired by Barry Took with Alan Coren, Nick Clarke, Bill Deedes, Richard Ingrams

    19/04/1997 chaired by Simon Hoggart with Alan Coren, Jeremy Hardy, Sandi Toksvig, Francis Wheen

    08/10/1999 chaired by Simon Hoggart with Jeremy Hardy, Boris Johnson, John Sergeant, Linda Smith

    26/10/2007 (Tribute to Alan Coren) with Sandi Toksvig, Andy Hamilton, Jeremy Hardy

    22/02/2008 chaired by Sandi Toksvig with Jack Dee, Fred MacAuley, Carrie Quinlan, Mark Steel

    29/10/2010 chaired by Sandi Toskvig with Jeremy Hardy, Phill Jupitus, Ava Vidal, Francis Wheen

    07/01/2011 chaired by Sandi Toksvig with Justin Edwards, Jeremy Hardy, Phill Jupitus, Miles Jupp

    07/09/2012 chaired by Andy Hamilton, Jeremy Hardy, Fred McAulay, Sarah Millican

    22/09/2017 chaired by Miles Jupp with Daniel Finkelstein, Jeremy Hardy, Sarah Kendall, Lucy Porter

    Chaired by Barry Norman, Barry Took, Simon Hoggart, Sandi Toksvig, Miles Jupp

    Featuring Clive James, Angela Rippon, Alan Coren, Peter Hillmore, Richard Ingrams, Angela Gordon, Julian Critchley, John Wells, Jeffrey Archer, Peter Cook, Clive Anderson, Donald MacCormick, Ian Hislop, Kate Adie, Bill Deedes, Nick Clarke, Francis Wheen, Linda Smith, Jeremy Hardy, John Sergeant, Boris Johnson, Andy Hamilton, Jack Dee, Fred MacAuley, Mark Steel, Carrie Quinlan, Phill Jupitus, Justin Edwards, Ava Vidal, Sarah Millican, Daniel Finkelstein, Sarah Kendall, Lucy Porter

    Newsreaders: John Marsh, Brian Perkins, Bryan Martin, Charlotte Green, Peter Donaldson, Neal Sleat,Corrie Corfield, Zeb Soames

    Produced by John Lloyd, Danny Greenstone, Harry Thompson, Armando Iannuncci, Colin Walsh, Aled Evans, Lucy Armitage, Ed Morrish, Victoria Lloyd, Sam Bryant, Lyndsay Fenner, Joe Nunnery

    Written by John Langdon, Iain Pattinson, Robert Fraser Steele, Hugh Ryecroft, David Spicer, Dave Cohen, Tom Jamieson, George Poles, Simon Littlefield, Lucy Cox, Paul Carenza, James Sherwood, Steven Carling, Lucy Clarke, Rhodri Crooks, John Luke Roberts, John Hunter, Toby Wilson, Andy Walton, Gareth Gwynn, Kevin Caull, Tom Neenan, Madeleine Brettingham, Max Davis, James Kettle, Danielle Grufferty, Jenny Lavelle
    Episode selection by Michael Stevens
    Contains adult language and references that reflect the era in which it was first broadcast.

Barry Norman is Britain's most respected and popular film critic. He became famous as the regular presenter of the BBC Film programme, starting in 1972 with Film 72; by the time he left after Film 98 he had become a household name. He has also presented other documentaries and programmes, including Tonight and Omnibus. In the late 1970s and 1980s he wrote and presented four acclaimed series on The Hollywood Greats and one on The British Greats, and the ten-part BBC series, Talking Pictures, each of which was backed up by best-selling books. Barry started his writing career as a journalist on the Kensignton News and was Show Business Editor of the Daily Mail until 1971. He has contributed over the years to the Guardian as occasional leader writer and Wednesday columnist, to the Observer as sports writer, to The Times as television critic and also as a scriptwriter for the cartoon strip Flook on the Daily Mail. Barry has also written many novels and non-fiction books, including books on film and cricket.

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