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Glorious Grandparenting
  • Glorious Grandparenting

  • Grandparenting is not what it used to be. For the younger generation, an apple or blackberry has a whole new meaning and they will never know what it means to 'wait for the TV to warm up'.

    As the proud, keen and enthusiastic grandmother to nine wonderful grandchildren, Gloria Hunniford knows a thing or two about keeping up with them. For nearly two decades they have brought her unimaginable joy and, frankly, kept her on her toes.

    In Glorious Grandparenting she shares her ideas on what to do when the grandchildren come to stay, how to keep pace with them as they grow older, as well as many of her own treasured memories: playing 'animal, vegetable, mineral' on long car journeys to Cornwall, eating picnic lunches in a tent pitched in the garden and practising dance moves to be performed at family parties.

    For many grandparents these days, life isn't always easy. In this book, Gloria speaks to those who feel 'taken for granted' as a childminder, have conflicting views on childcare, or, sadly have become separated from their grandchildren. She looks at the controversial lack of legal rights for grandparents and offers advice and guidance on handling these emotive issues.

    Having grandchildren and spending time with them is one of life's great joys. Glorious Grandparenting is a wonderful celebration of what it is to be a grandparent today.

Gloria Hunniford was born in Northern Ireland and was the first woman to have her own daily radio show on BBC Radio 2, which she presented for thirteen years until 1995. She has appeared on and presented numerous shows including Gloria Live, Wogan, Sunday Sunday, Heaven and Earth and Open House with Gloria which gave Channel Five its highest ever ratings. She has won several prestigious awards including TV Personality of the Year, Radio Personality of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Gloria currently presents Cash in the Attic and Rip-Off Britain. She lives with her second husband Stephen in Sevenoaks, Kent, and has eight grandchildren.

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