Nancy Huston

The Mark of the Angel
  • The Mark of the Angel

  • The year is 1957 and the place is Paris, where the psychic wounds of World War II have barely begun to heal. Saffie, a young German woman, becomes maid, then wife, to Raphael, a privileged French musician who finds her remoteness provocative and irresistable. One day in the old Jewish quarter of the city, where she has taken Raphael's flute to be repaired, Saffie meets a Hungarian instrument maker - and all their lives are unexpectedly, dramatically altered.

    Driven by passion but damaged in different ways by war, these two people find themselves crossing dangerous boundaries. Told against the rising tide of violence unleashed by the Algerian conflict, The Mark of the Angel builds to a shocking climax conveying the loss of innocence and the tragic irony of these lives twisted out of shape by the weight of history.

Nancy Huston is the author of the bestselling novel The Mark of the Angel (winner of the Grand Prix Lectrices d'Elle in France), as well as other award-winning fiction, including Plainsong (Governor General Award in Canada for fiction in French), Instruments of Darkness (Prix Goncourt de Lycéens), Slow Emergencies and Dolce Agonia. Born in Calgary in 1953, she went to Paris as a student in the 1970s and lives there still. She is married to the writer and intellectual Tzvetan Todorov and has two children.