Rich Cohen

Israel is Real
  • Israel is Real

  • There are many books about Israel, but none like this. From Rich Cohen, the author of the acclaimed Tough Jews, The Avengers, and Sweet and Low, comes a new approach to a story we thought we knew. Breaking through the heated polemics and intractable politics, Israel Is Real is a fresh voice, a tale of people and ideas, of the background of present-day Israel.

    Cohen relates Israel's story as that of a place long ago destroyed and transformed into an idea . . . and which, sixty years ago, was retransformed into a place, and therefore into something that can once again be destroyed. From the medieval false prophets, to the nineteenth-century Zionists, and on to present-day figures like Ariel Sharon, Cohen tells the stories of the people obsessed with this fine line between place and idea, creation and destruction. He reclaims from obscurity a multitude of figures marginalised by history, but whose lives are key to any real understanding of Israel.

Date: 2005-01-07 Rich Cohen is an editor at Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone and the author of four books, including Tough Jews and the widely acclaimed memoir Sweet and Low. Rich Cohen is the author of Tough Jews, The Avengers, Lake Effect, Sweet and Low and Israel is Real. He is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone and lives in New York City.