John Gimlette

Theatre Of Fish
  • Theatre Of Fish

  • John Gimlette's travels through this harsh and awesome landscape, the eastern extreme of the Americas, broadly mirrors that of Dr Eliot Curwen, his great-grandfather, who spent a summer there as a doctor in 1893, and who was witness to some of the most beautiful ice and cruelest poverty in the British Empire. Using Curwen's extraordinarily frank journal, John Gimlette revisits the places his great-grandfather encountered and along the way explores his own links with this brutal land.

John Gimlette is a well-established travel writer, having won the Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize and the Wanderlust Travel Writing Award. He is the author of At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig and Theatre of Fish, both of which were critically acclaimed. When not probing the extreme corners of the Earth he practises as a barrister in London.