Rosalind Belben

Hound Music
  • Hound Music

  • To George Lupus, Master of the Quarr Hounds, the fox is a 'gentleman'. The four children all hunt, and are tremendously keen. But Dorothy Lupus dislikes the sport that has been her beloved husband's passion. When a tragedy occurs, Dorothy finds she can't bear the proximity of the kennels across the park. Roguish, Rakish, Harebell, Arcady and Argot, Striver, Decorous, Fearless, Snowmaid... Dorothy wishes never to hear their hullabaloo again. She is adamant...

Rosalind Belben's work has been consistently admired. Her previous novels include Hound Music, Choosing Spectacles, Is Beauty Good and Dreaming of Dead People. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.