Lawrence Osborne

Only to Sleep
  • Only to Sleep

  • Wealthy dead American. Beautiful young widow. This case has PI Philip Marlowe’s name written all over it. Is it enough to bring him back for one last adventure?

    The year is 1988. The place, Baja California. Private Investigator Philip Marlowe is living out his retirement sipping margaritas and playing cards when in saunter two men dressed like undertakers with a case that has his name written all over it.

    His mission is to investigate Donald Zinn – supposedly drowned off his yacht, leaving a much younger and now very rich wife. Marlowe’s speciality. But is Zinn actually alive? And are the pair living off the spoils?

    'Osborne and Chandler are a perfect match' William Boyd

    Discover the rest of the inimitable Philip Marlowe series – nine classic Chandler adventures, from The Big Sleep to The Long Goodbye, available now in paperback and ebook from Penguin Books.

Lawrence Osborne was born in England but has travelled and lived all over the world. He is the author of the critically acclaimed novels The Forgiven, The Ballad of a Small Player, Hunters in the Dark and Beautiful Animals. In 2017, he joined Robert B. Parker and John Banville and in being asked by the Raymond Chandler Estate to write a new Philip Marlowe novel. Only to Sleep also draws on his time living and working as a reporter on the Mexican border in 1990. His non-fiction includes travelogues and essay collections as well as the drinking odyssey The Wet and the Dry. He currently lives in Bangkok.