Martin O'Brien

The Dying Minutes
  • The Dying Minutes

  • In 1972 a gold bullion convoy is hijacked in Marseilles. The security trucks and hijackers are swiftly rounded up, but a ton of gold has disappeared.

    More than twenty years later, Daniel Jacquot receives an unexpected gift from an old fisherman. At the same time, a Marseilles lawyer called Claude Dupont receives an equally unexpected gift from a dying gangland boss.

    Both gifts point the way to the missing gold and pit Jacquot and Dupont against the Polineaux and Duclos familles, two of the oldest and most feared crime syndicates on the Côte d'Azur.

    When the Marseilles police become involved following a series of gruesome murders, the investigation is headed by Chief Inspector Isabelle Cassier. An old friend and sometime lover of Jacquot's, Isabelle discovers that the years haven't lessened her longing for the maverick Marseilles cop, and that her feelings for him are far from professional.

    Together they embark on a cut-throat hunt for the gold, with hit-men from the Polineaux and Duclos clans hot on their heels. But after nearly thirty years, is the gold still there? And if it is, who will get to it first?

After graduating from Hertford College, Oxford, Martin O'Brien joined Conde Nast and was British Vogue's travel editor for a number of years. As well as writing for Vogue, he has contributed to a wide range of international publications. He was editor of Sixty Years of Travel in Vogue and is the author of All the Girls. His first four Jacquot novels were all published by Headline. He lives in Gloucestershire with his wife and two daughters.