Simon Mayo

Knife Edge
  • Knife Edge

  • You never know where danger may come from...
    6.27am. The sky is blue. The air is warm with a summer breeze. And in the last 27 minutes, seven people have been murdered.

    In a series of coordinated attacks, seven men and women across London have been targeted. For journalist Famie Madden, the horror unfolds as she arrives for the morning shift.

    The victims have one thing in common: they made up the investigations team at the news wire service where Famie works. The thought in everyone's minds, what were they working on that could prompt such brutal devastation? And as Famie starts to receive mysterious messages, she has to find out whether she is being warned of the next attack, or being told that she will be the next victim...

    In this gripping, fast-paced thriller that could have been ripped from tomorrow's headlines, Simon Mayo has written an electrifying novel about the dangerous world we live in.

RELEASED 11/06/2020

Simon Mayo is one of Britain’s best-loved radio presenters. He is also the presenter of Simon Mayo’s Books of the Year podcast. Mad Blood Stirring is his first adult novel.