Sophie Fletcher

Mindful Mamma
  • Mindful Mamma

  • Feel calm and confident throughout your baby’s first year

    Mindful Mamma is a reassuring and practical guide to help you to navigate the life-changing first year of motherhood. Using simple mindfulness and hypnosis techniques alongside MP3 tracks, you’ll learn to:

    · Create moments of calm whenever you need it – even at 4am with a restless baby
    · Tackle challenges, such as fatigue and anxiety, and build mental resilience
    · Connect with your baby and tune in to their world

    Whether this is your first or fourth baby, Mindful Mamma is your essential toolkit to manage the physical, emotional and joyful chaos of motherhood.

Sophie Fletcher is the founder of hypnobirthing company Mindful Mamma, which teaches expectant mothers hypnosis and mindfulness techniques for birth. She is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, doula and accredited supervisor with the National Council for Hypnotherapy.