Matt Roach

Know Your Baby Poo
  • Know Your Baby Poo

  • Matt Roach

    The easy way to understand your baby’s poo (and have a good laugh along the way!)

    Most parents become poo-obsessed for the first few months of baby’s life – baby poo turns an astonishing array of colours in a very short time and is a key to understanding whether baby is healthy and getting enough food.

    This clever and unique swatch book plays into this rather bizarre (but incredibly important) aspect of early parenting, turning the poo ‘palette’ into both a source of entertainment and a genuinely useful source of medical information. Packed with tips, remedies and all the while lifted by the author’s effortless humour, this handy little colour swatch book makes the perfect light-hearted gift and is set to become an essential part of every new parent’s baby kit!

Matt Roach is a creative director at one of the world's top advertising agencies (so he is no stranger to talking sh*t). His name-dropping career has taken him from tackling the West Africa Ebola epidemic with Idris Elba to writing comedy for Stoptober with the likes of Bill Bailey and Al Murray. He once got thrown off stage for playing a song called 'I've Sh*t Myself'. Follow Matt on Twitter @akacreatives or Instagram @mattroach.