Matt Roach

Know Your Baby Poo

Know Your Baby Poo

A Parent’s Guide


Your handy guide to the sh*t every parent needs to know.

Most new parents become obsessed with poo – and for good reason. You can find an incredible array of colours in a nappy, and understanding it all is key to a baby's health.

Paediatrician-approved and full of top-tips and remedies, this unique and witty swatch book turns the 'poo palette' into a source of amusement, as well as answering vital questions like:
- Is it normal for their poo to look like Dijon mustard?
- What should you do if their nappy resembles an oil spill?
- Why is your baby's bottom going off like Crack-atoa?

Featuring 16 types of turd including Lumpty Dumpty, Peanut Butter Smelly Time and Nuclear Bum, this guide is a perfect gift for any parent with a sense of humour. And to survive parenthood, you're going to need one.

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