Annie Clarke

Christmas on the Home Front
  • Christmas on the Home Front

  • THE FOURTH NOVEL IN THE HEART-WARMING FACTORY GIRLS SERIES! Perfect for fans of Nancy Revell and Ellie Dean.

    'Tis the season for friendship and family . . .

    With Christmas just weeks away, it's up to the Factory Girls to organise a festive gathering at Massingham Hall for all their friends and family. And with love and laughter in the air, it's set to be a Christmas to remember. But happiness comes at a price, and as the war continues Fran, Sarah, Beth and Viola realise how much they need each other.

Annie Clarke’s roots are dug deep into the North East. She draws inspiration from her mother, who was born in a County Durham pit village during the First World War, and went on to became a military nurse during World War Two. Annie and her husband now live a stone’s throw from the pit village where her mother was born. She has written frequently about the North East in novels which she hopes reflect her love and respect for the region’s lost mining communities. Annie has four adult children and four granddaughters, who fill her and her husband’s days with laughter, endlessly leading these two elders astray.