Jess Brallier

Tuck and Tina and the Lost Fortune

Tuck and Tina and the Lost Fortune


Meet Tina and Tuck - two unlikely friends ready for adventure! The first in a fun, full-colour series for 6+ children, ideal for readers moving from picture books to chapter stories.

lives at Boone Elementary and LOVES listening in to Ms Pigeon’s lessons and seeing all the kids having fun with their friends. She just wishes she had a real friend of her own.

Then Ms Pigeon announces that a new class pet is arriving and Tina wonders if her wish might come true.

Tuck is a ball of energy with a knack for causing chaos and the opposite of who Tina expected. She’s sure he’s going to be nothing but TROUBLE!

Then Boone Elementary is faced with closure and Tina and Tuck decide to work together to find an ancient treasure that’s rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the school – can these two unlikely allies save the school before it’s too late?!