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Sylvain Neuvel

For the First Time, Again

For the First Time, Again


Discover history's biggest secret . . .

For millennia an unbroken line of alien mothers and daughters have secretly been shepherding human technology towards the stars.

Twelve-year-old Aster is the last of this line.
But the loss of her mother in early life means she knows nothing of her alien heritage - believing she is just an ordinary young girl.

Not only is she about to discover how wrong she is - but she'll also learn she's not the only alien on Earth: others are here to stop her.

Yet with revelation comes recovery.
Now Aster has a purpose.
Her life, the future of her species
and that of all life on Earth is at stake.

She's history's biggest secret.
But can she save the future?

'Alt-history with a difference' GUARDIAN

'There's real cleverness at work here' THE TIMES

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