Chloe Brotheridge

The Confidence Solution

The Confidence Solution

The essential guide to boosting self-esteem, reducing anxiety and feeling confident


Many young women struggle with confidence, compulsive people-pleasing, and an inability to speak up and ask for what they really want. Now, Chloe Brotheridge offers her expert advice on how young women should take up space, speak up, and put themselves first.

We often think that confidence is either something we have or don't have, but it can be built like a muscle. Chloe herself used to have panic attacks during presentations but can now confidently present to hundreds of people. The key to her transformation was to create more time and space for herself, to say 'no' to things that aren't in her own best interests, and to stop worrying about what other people think of her.

The Confidence Solution reveals how everyone can follow their path to confidence.

*Previously published as Brave New Girl*

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