Anna Kavan

  • Ice

  • Anna Kavan

    'Few novelists match the intensity of her vision' J. G. Ballard

    No one knows why the ice has come, and no one can stop it. Every day it creeps further across the earth, covering the land in snow and freezing everything in its path. Through this bleached, devastated world, one man pursues the sylph-like, silver-haired girl he loves, as she keeps running - away from her husband; away from the sinister 'warden' who seeks to control her; away from him.

    'A raw, brutal tale set in a frozen post-nuclear dystopia ... addictive and extremely entertaining' Guardian

    'There is nothing else quite like Ice' Doris Lessing

    'She is De Quincey's heir and Kafka's sister' Brian Aldiss

Anna Kavan was born in 1901, the only child of a wealthy British family. She began publishing under her married name, Helen Ferguson. During this time, she was introduced to heroin by her tennis coach in order to improve her game. She suffered a breakdown after the end of her second marriage, and was committed to an institution to treat both her depression and her addiction. She published her two best-known novels after this experience, Asylum Piece and Ice, under 'Anna Kavan', the name of a character in an earlier novel. She died of heart failure at her home in London in 1968.