Bob A. N. Grypants

Fuck You, 2016

Fuck You, 2016


Feel exhausted by 2016? Wondering how it could have unfolded in such a bonkers way? Both a cathartic momento of an annus shitabulus and an optimistic look to the future, F*ck You, 2016 is the hilarious guide we all need as this ridiculous year draws to a close.

Chapters include...
- Politics (Brexit! Trump! Clinton! Farage! Corbyn!)
- Oh bloody hell, they haven't died too, have they? (Bowie! Muhammad Ali! Prince! FUCKING PRINCE!)
- miscellaneous nonsense (man buns, the Bake Off fiasco, 'Hiddleswift', Pokemon Go, Hygge, the Euros!)
- Shit years through history (Okay, it's been bad, but things have been worse...)
- Surely something good happened? (It did! Just remember that Andy Murray exists.)

Featuring some really badly drawn illustrations, this comic compendium will soothe your soul - before you throw it away on 31st December (or set fire to it?) and move into 2017. Which will be better, right?