Kate Moore

Full Steam Ahead, Felix

Full Steam Ahead, Felix

Adventures of a famous station cat and her kitten apprentice


This funny and touching book is bursting with more of Felix's adorable escapades, from a run-in with a rosemary plant to a frustrating encounter with a pigeon, but her role at the station goes far beyond all that: when romance blossoms, danger strikes and tragedy befalls the station, she is always there to support her team through all the highs and lows.

Felix's online fame is ever increasing and she has more visitors to greet every day, but there is only so much attention that one cat can handle and isn't long before Felix's colleagues recruit Bolt: a fluffy, springy kitten-apprentice to help shoulder the burden.

But will the two of them get on? And will the diva of Huddersfield station make room for the new kid on the block?

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