Vanessa Van Edwards



Master the Secret Language of Charismatic Communication


How to control and utilise the tiny signals you're sending - from your stance and facial expressions, to your word choice and vocal tone - to improve your personal and professional relationships.

Conversations are full of tiny signals - audio and visual cues we make, which others use to determine our trustworthiness, intelligence or talent. In Cues, world-renowned people skills expert Vanessa Van Edwards explains how to interpret, control and master these tiny signals to help you make an amazing impression at work. Using cutting-edge research and real-life case studies, Cues teaches you which body language cues can instantly increase conviction and charisma, which vocal cues make you sound more confident, which verbal cues help to maximise trust and bonding, and which visual cues will make you stand out.

Sending the right cues will help you be assertive without being arrogant, have an authoritative presence without being intimidating and, ultimately, showcase your talent, ideas and skills with confidence. Never be overlooked, misunderstood or underestimated again.

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