Matthew Goodwin

Values, Voice and Virtue

Values, Voice and Virtue

The New British Politics


Over the last decade, Britain has been rocked by a series of political revolts. The rise of national populism, the vote for Brexit, Boris Johnson's emphatic 2019 election victory, the fall of Labour's Red Wall, the emergence of a very different brand of conservatism and the mayhem around 'The Year of Three Prime Ministers' have all outflanked the country's liberal establishment and stunned the world. In trying to make sense of this remarkable churn and change, many commentators cling to very short-term and unconvincing explanations, pointing to social media, dark money, individual leaders, or the promises made to voters.

But, as acclaimed political scientist Matthew Goodwin reveals in this strikingly original study, this turbulence has been a long time in the making - and it is set to continue for many years to come. Embarking on a profound and wide-ranging analysis of postwar British politics, Goodwin shows how these revolts are all symptomatic of deeper shifts that are now rapidly reshaping our political world. He points to the rise of three new drivers over 'values', 'voice' and 'virtue', and shows how these uniquely powerful divides are now pushing us into a new era of political volatility.

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