Jan-Werner Müller

Democracy Rules
  • Democracy Rules

  • After the shock of Trump, the acrimony of Brexit, and the continued pull of Putin and Xi, it seems that democracy is in a state of decay. And as governments around the world struggle to combat the coronavirus - often adopting draconian measures as a response - there is a sense, a panic, that democracy's decline may be terminal.

    But how many of us are certain about what democracy actually is?

    Drawing on history, literature, and examples from around the globe, political philosopher Jan-Werner Müller lucidly argues that in order for us to understand the true risks of our current moment, we must first establish an understanding of first principles. What is essential for democracy to flourish? Is it now truly in peril? How can we defend it without forever distorting its DNA?

    Taking on many of the most difficult questions we face, Democracy Rules is a vital rethinking of what democracy can mean in an age of big data, curated news feeds, collapsing parties and social alienation.

Jan-Werner Müller is Professor of Politics at Princeton University and the author of several books, most recently the critically acclaimed What Is Populism? He contributes regularly to London Review of Books, the Guardian, and the New York Review of Books.

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