Rob Lipsett

The Rob Lipsett Game Plan

The Rob Lipsett Game Plan

Transform Your Body with My 3 Point Mindset, Nutrition and Training Plan


Personal trainer and YouTube favourite, Rob Lipsett, will share with you his secrets to shaping up and getting fit. Focusing on a dynamic three step approach, Rob will help you plan and follow a training regime you enjoy, and a sustainable diet that is both realistic and satisfying.

MINDSET - Rob will give you practical advice for getting motivated to incorporate a training regime into your daily life.

NUTRITION - He will provide no-nonsense nutritional advice that will ensure you are eating well to maintain muscle tone, lose weight and stay healthy.

TRAINING - He will feature three seven day training plans that suit beginners to more advanced gym goers, and HIIT and LIIS routines that can work both at home and in the gym.

And to help you maximise your new regime, he will share 20 of his favourite recipes that anyone can cook, are quick to prepare, healthy and delicious.