Hanna Jameson

The Last

The Last

The post-apocalyptic thriller that will keep you up all night


'We defy you to pick up The Last and put it back down' Stylist
'Extraordinary' Emily St John Mandel, Station Eleven


The world as we know it has ended.

You and nineteen other survivors hole up in an isolated Swiss hotel.

You wait, you survive.

Then you find the body.

One of your number has blood on their hands.

The race is on to find the killer.
Before the killer finds you....

Finished Station Eleven and Contagion and looking for your next pulse-pounding, speculative read? Look no further than The Last. This Waterstones Thriller of the month will sweep you into a world of fascinating characters and compulsive mystery.

'One of those books you can't stop reading, but don't want to end' TM Logan, The Holiday
'Dark, compelling, original' CJ Tudor, The Burning Girls
'A scarily plausible white-knuckle read' Erin Kelly, We Know You Know
'Stephen King meets Agatha Christie' Luca Veste, You Never Said Goodbye
'Frighteningly believable' Jennie Melamed, Gather the Daughters
'Compulsively readable' Daily Telegraph
'A post-apocalyptic And Then There Were None' Irish Times

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