Gloria Stewart

A Friend for Christmas

A Friend for Christmas


Sheffield, Christmas, 1953. Gloria Stewart and her family were having another cold and hungry winter, but Gloria's mother, Lil, had scrimped-and-saved to ensure the fire was lit, paper decorations were made, and her five children had a plate full of delicious food. Lil even made sure there was enough dinner for an unexpected friend or visitor; and each year there always seemed to be someone in need.

Despite being raised in a busy, rag-and-bone household, Gloria grew up with few friends. That is, until a knock on the door brought a scruffy pup into her life- and Gloria discovered the loyal and unwavering friendship of a four-legged friend.

Over the years, Gloria adopted many dogs - and even the odd cat - who helped her through good times and bad; illness, love and heart-breaking loss. They even helped her to carry on her mother's loving legacy of making sure that those who are alone at Christmas have food, warmth, and most of all, a friend!