Our Journey

Our Journey

Rak Su’s Official Autobiography. The X Factor Winners


In December 2017, 7.5 million viewers watched as Ashley, Jamaal, Myles and Mustafa shot to stardom as the first ever male-group to win the X-Factor. The soulful boys from Watford captured the imagination of the nation with their eclectic sound and talent for song writing. All four of their original songs to feature on the show topped the iTunes chart, and continued to chart in the top 10, at the same time, during the live performances. The winner's song, Dimelo, was the first in X-Factor history to be written and composed by the finalists, and they are the only contestants to have consistently won the public vote during the live shows.

Rak-Su are now performing at sold-out arenas, have toured with global sensation's Little Mix in front of 300,000 fans, recorded their first album, and continue to make music and have fun! Join Rak-Su on their journey from ordinary North-West London lads, to victors of one of the World's biggest talent shows, and beyond . . . because this is just the start of the incredible Rak-Su journey.

Full of exclusive, never-before-seen photos, intimate stories, behind-the-scenes gossip and individual accounts from each of the boys. This is their first and ONLY official memoir, and a must-have for all the dedicated Rak-Pack!