Niall Tubridy

Just One More Question

Just One More Question

Stories from a Life in Neurology


As a trainee doctor, Niall Tubridy fell in love with neurology. Fascinated by the ways the brain and nervous system signal problems with the body's wiring, this was high stakes detective work where answers could be life-changing.

The young doctor who relished the intellectual puzzle soon became even more intrigued by the human stories behind each set of symptoms. But his own character was tested - how do you handle such high pressure work, often with sad outcomes for patients, and remain grounded and positive?

Just One More Question includes gripping accounts of Tubridy's patients - encounters that are, by turn, moving, dramatic and funny - and using simple and illuminating language he explains well-known conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Reflecting candidly on his life in medicine, Tubridy gives us an extraordinary and revealing insight into the human challenge of working in the most complex area of medicine.