Colin Butcher

Molly the Pet Detective Dog

Molly the Pet Detective Dog

The true story of one amazing dog who reunites missing cats with their families


Discover the incredible true adventures of Molly the pet detective dog!

'Barking brilliant. Really heartwarming . . . the reunions with runaway pets will bring a lump to any throat' Daily Mail

Missing cat?
Molly the pet detective is on the case.

Molly the cocker spaniel spent the first years of her life unloved and unwanted. But her life changed forever when Colin, Head of the UK Pet Detectives, spotted her on a rescue page.

With her big heart, intelligence and incredible sense of smell, Molly was a natural pet detective, assisting Colin as he travelled across the country reuniting beloved missing cats with their grateful owners.

Molly has also tracked down stolen dogs, survived a deadly snake bite in the line of duty, and even unearthed hidden treasure - there's never a dull day in the life of a dog detective!

This is the heart-warming true story of how with love and devotion - and a good nose - a little dog can make a big difference.

'The real life pet detective' Sunday Mirror

Previously published as Molly & Me

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