Colin Butcher

Molly the Pet Detective Dog

Molly the Pet Detective Dog

The true story of one amazing dog who reunites missing cats with their families


Ex-policeman Colin Butcher had just set up his own pet detective agency. It was running smoothly but he realized he needed a partner. And that's when inspiration struck...

Enter Molly, an unloved and unwanted cocker spaniel rescued from a classifieds website. Clever and charismatic, she melts Colin's heart, the two are soon inseparable.

With Colin by her side, Molly cracks cases and solve crimes across the country, using her exceptional sense of smell to locate missing pets and reunite them with their grateful owners. From the search for Pablo the ginger tom who's kidnapped from a sleepy Devonian village, to unearthing a treasure trove of stolen jewels in a north London wood, Colin and Molly's work takes them around the country, with plenty of new friends and eccentric encounters along the way.

By turns charming, moving, and thrilling, Molly and Me is the story of a rescue cocker spaniel with a troubled past who - thanks to the love and devotion of her owner - finds a new life, a new purpose and a forever friend.

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