Lisa Conway-Hughes

Money Lessons

Money Lessons

How to manage your finances to get the life you want


If you spent one hour a month nurturing your finances for the next twelve months, how would you feel this time next year, what would be different? Mapping out a plan for achieving your big goals and managing everyday spending, Money Lessons is your own pocket financial expert.

Whether you have it or not, money is often as difficult to talk about as it is to handle. Many of us will at one point need advice on how to:

- Ask for a pay rise
- Budget for day-to-day life
- Save up to buy a place
- Pay for a mortgage
- Finance a career move
- Budget for a wedding
- Get out of debt
- Retire comfortably

Building on her 15 years of experience helping countless people to make smart financial decisions, Lisa Conway-Hughes tackles these topics in a short guide to being savvy and getting what you want in every stage of your life. During a time of uncertainty, Money Lessons is full of dependable expert knowledge and success stories; it's essential reading for anyone who wants greater control over making their day-to-day goals a reality.

'If lack of time is your main excuse for putting off sorting out your finances, this is the book for you' Independent