Mark Shayler

Do Present – How to give a talk and be heard

Do Present – How to give a talk and be heard


Getting our voices heard can be a nerve-wracking and overwhelming task - particularly in a world where everyone seems to have something to say. The ability to present our ideas with confidence is now a coveted skill. Yet on stage, we become this other person: less funny, less engaging, less human.

Mark Shayler draws on his own experience - from nervous speaker to charismatic compere - to guide you through the task of public speaking. He takes a deeper look at what's holding you back, and will help you to:

- Find your voice and the confidence to share it
- Learn how to tell stories, not just share data
- Stand and move around the stage comfortably
- Leave the audience informed, entertained and uplifted

Giving a brilliant talk is not about following a method. It's not about rules. It's about understanding what you want the audience to think, feel and do afterwards. Ultimately, it's about being more you.

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