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Julian Hitch

Winning Not Fighting

Winning Not Fighting

Why you need to rethink success and how you achieve it with the Ancient Art of Wing Tsun


'A wholly new perspective to finding balance and success' - Nir Eyal

'I highly reccommend it' - John Maeda, Chief experience officer, Publicis Group and author of How to Speak Machine: Laws of Design for a Digital Age

Smash your targets * Annihilate the competition * Choose your battles

Have you ever wondered why we use metaphors derived from war and conflict so often at work? What impact does that have on how we conduct business, our culture, our stress levels and ultimately our ability to succeed?

For too long war has cast a spell on how we think about business, with negative implications for us, the companies we work in and on the planet. Drawing on the philosophy of Wing Tsun, an ancient Chinese martial art based on the idea that fighting is fundamentally bad, John Vincent and Julian Hitch challenge some of our deepest-held assumptions and show us how to unlearn many ideas and behaviours that are preventing our personal and professional growth. Instead of embracing force as the long accepted route to success, Winning Not Fighting offers as a transformational guide to work and life by inspiring positivity, simplicity and focus.

"Unites business and martial arts in a realistic, practical and intelligent way. It's capitalism, but not as we know it." - Benjamin Zephaniah