Andrew Jenkinson

How to Eat (And Still Lose Weight)

How to Eat (And Still Lose Weight)

A Science-backed Guide to Nutrition and Health


In his bestselling book Why We Eat (Too Much), consultant surgeon Dr Andrew Jenkinson introduced us to the science of appetite, setting out his unique theory of the 'weight set point' and showing that there is so much more to the science of metabolism than 'calories in, calories out' or losing weight through exercise.

Now, in How to Eat (And Still Lose Weight), Jenkinson shows you how, with an understanding of the science of the brain and body, you can enjoy food, avoid crash dieting and lose weight - for good.

Using a combination of cutting-edge metabolic science, together with strategies like aversion, habit creation and mental reprogramming, How to Eat will show you how your body and brain work when it comes to diet and nutrition, and how to arm yourself against the malicious presence of food marketing, junk food and the harmful effects of the Western diet. Filled with science-backed tips and techniques, this book will help you implement lasting changes, eat well and feel good.

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