Christian Busch

Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots

The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck


Life is full of the unexpected: chance encounters, changing plans, delayed journeys and other mishaps. But what if we could use unpredictability to our advantage?

Dr Christian Busch has spent a decade exploring how, if acted upon, unexpected encounters can enhance our worldview, expand our social circles and create new professional opportunities. In this book, Christian reveals the secrets behind the hidden force that rules our lives: serendipity. With a new chapter detailing the author's experience of Covid and a chance meeting that subsequently changed his life forever, Dr Busch shows how his own experience reflects the full potential of what can happen if you are open to coincidence.

Connect the Dots is a revolutionary, well-researched exploration of an essential life skill that we can develop. By learning to see opportunities in the unexpected, we can start to make our own luck and use it as a pathway to more joyful and successful lives.

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