Jennifer Aaker

Humour, Seriously
  • Humour, Seriously

  • Anyone - even you! - can learn how to harness the power of humour in business (and life).

    Some people think the workplace is no place for funny business. But the upside of humour for our careers is significant. A recent survey of more than 700 CEOs showed that 98% prefer job candidates with a sense of humour and 84% think that funny employees do better work.

    Psychologist Dr Jennifer Aaker and comedian Naomi Bagdonas' research has shown that humour makes us feel more competent and confident, strengthens relationships and boosts resilience during difficult times.

    Based on the popular course "Humour: Serious Business" at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, where Aaker and Bagdonas help some of the world's most hard-driving, blazer-wearing business minds build levity into their organizations and lives, Humour, Seriously will show you how to use humour to:

    · enhance creativity and problem-solving
    · influence and motivate others
    · build bonds and defuse tension within teams
    · create a culture where colleagues feel safe, appreciated and joyful

    Drawing on behavioural science, advice from world-class comedians and stories from top business leaders, you'll learn how to mine your life for material, which category of office comic you fall into, and how to keep it appropriate - and recover if you cross a line!

    Humour is a superpower. If you're not using it, the joke's on you.

Dr Jennifer Aaker is a behavioural psychologist, author, and the General Atlantic Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her research focuses on the psychology of time and money and the choices driving lasting happiness. She teaches courses on innovation, the power of storytelling and purpose.