R. Michael Hendrix

Two Beats Ahead

Two Beats Ahead

What Great Musical Minds Teach Us About Creativity and Innovation


Musicians are masters of innovation. Demystifying their process for the first time, Two Beats Ahead reveals what we can learn from today's top musical minds. Drawing from interviews with masterminds like Pharrell Williams, Jimmy Iovine, Imogen Heap and Justin Timberlake as well as leaders from Amazon, Google X and Facebook, and featuring case studies on Lady Gaga, Dr Dre and Beyonce, this book identifies the key lessons and skills musicians can teach us about innovation and creativity.

Readers will learn how to listen more carefully and thoughtfully, experiment more freely, demo and prototype like a jazz musician, innovate like rap-artists, and perform and improvise like a great bebop ensemble. Two Beats Ahead is a creativity crash-course for anyone who wants to be more entrepreneurial or lead an innovative team.