Dawnn Karen

Dress Your Best Life

Dress Your Best Life

Harness the Power of Clothes To Transform Your Confidence


What you wear affects your mood, how you feel about yourself and how others think about you. How you dress matters.

As a qualified therapist, designer, fashion PR and former model, Dawnn Karen understands better than anyone the intimate relationship between what you wear and how you feel. Working with clients that are stuck in a rut, Karen shows people how to use clothes to express their identity, build their self-confidence and work through wardrobe hang-ups.

In Dress Your Best Life, Karen draws on her research and client work, teaching you how to:

- reduce anxiety through colour choices
- dress to match or lift your mood
- maintain cultural identity when dressing
- project power at home and work

This book will help you harness the power of clothes to change your life.