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Sarah Vohra

The Mind Medic

The Mind Medic

Your 5 Senses Guide to Leading a Calmer, Happier Life


A practical, empowering 10-week guide for reducing anxiety and looking after your mental health.

. I've learned some very valuable practises from Sarah's teachings including the "worry dump" which I find a daily help' - Melissa Hemsley, author of Eat Happy

Modern life can feel overwhelming. The pressures of work, life, family and friends come from all angles, not to mention our harsh inner critic - it can be hard to find respite!

From leading Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr Sarah Vohra, comes The Mind Medic. A tried and tested method for managing the low moods when they come, it offers expert advice and easy-to-follow exercises on how to optimise your senses, including:

· SEE: how to see beyond the negatives to reframe thought patterns
· HEAR: how to create a space to listen and be listened to
· SMELL: how to use your breath to calm your spiralling thoughts
· FEEL: how to feel more confident in yourself
· TASTE: how to eat for your mood and improve your relationship with food

Debunking myths and conflicting advice surrounding mental health, Dr Sarah's 10-week plan of simple, easy practices have the potential to change your outlook on life for the better, for ever.

For fans of Fearne Cotton's Calm and Matt Haig's Notes of a Nervous Planet.


'Dr Sarah is a light in a world which overlooks the importance of mental health, what she does is so important' Jada Sezer, Model, Actor and UN Women Ambassador

'Dr Sarah uses her medical expertise and years of experience to empower people with the knowledge and understanding they need to improve their own mental health' Dr Alex George, A&E and TV Doctor, Love Island 4 Contestant

'Dr Sarah is a leading voice in her field of psychiatry. She always promotes her message about self-worth and acceptance in a practical and accessible manner' Renee Mcgregor, Sports and Eating Disorder Dietitian