Tom Inglis

To Love a Dog
  • To Love a Dog

  • Tom Inglis and his dog Pepe have lived together for seventeen years: endless days of walks and play and the odd bit of chaos. While Tom was experiencing joy and grief and everything in between, Pepe was by his side, ready for the next day. Now, though, they are both getting old. Tom is reflecting on the strange but wonderful bond they have developed, but he is not entirely sure what Pepe is experiencing or thinking about, if indeed she is thinking at all.

    To Love a Dog looks at the relationships we have with our dogs. It explores why we take on the hassle of caring for these pet animals who rely on us so completely, who can create mess and upset in our lives, and who will probably die before us, leaving us behind to grieve. We know all of this before bringing them home for the first time, and yet we go on ahead, time after time.

    As dogs enrich and disrupt the lives of their owners, becoming the constant around which days are scheduled and holidays are planned, what do they make of it all? How well do we actually understand them? And what exactly is that powerful, intangible connection we humans have forged with them?

    To Love a Dog is a moving and engaging exploration of life alongside man's best friend. It is a book for everyone who has ever loved a dog.

RELEASED 03/09/2020

Tom Inglis is a sociologist. Born and raised in Dublin, he now lives in Co. Roscommon. He is the author of several books, including Making Love: A Memoir and Moral Monopoly: The Rise and Fall of the Catholic Church in Modern Ireland.